Currency Exchange

09/09/2022 12:00 AM




Are you looking for a reliable currency exchanger without worrying about the best rate for converting Naira to Rand or Rand to Naira? We got you covered in this aspect. You can now exchange Naria to Rand and Rand to Naira without having to worry yourself. Our services includes the following:
1. Exchanging of Rands (South Africa) to Naira (Nigeria)
2. Exchange of Naira to Rand
3. If you have Naira in Cash and you are in South Africa we can give you Rand in Exhange.



                                                                                                                              CRYPTO CURRENCY

We buy and sell crypto currency at affordable rate which include the following currency:
1. Bitcoin
2. Perfect money
3. Dash
4. Ethuruim


If you would like to transact with us. Contact us via whatsapp or email at: 
Email:  , Tel: +2767404551